We offer the full spectrum of services to help businesses achieve success.

Increase Revenue

Your organization overall client base increases with better  Google rankings and that will produce greater revenue.

Increase Exposure

Give your business the exposure it deserves by dominating the rankings in Google.

Website Analysis

We put great care into analysis and finding your website weak spots.


It is crucial for us to give back value and provide our clients long steady stream of new customers and making sure that your money works as hard as you do.

Monthly Reports

We send monthly reports with rankings updates to make client campaign performance check easier.


Our SEO Agency doesn’t believe in employee-employer mentality. We treat people we work with as partners. If you have any concerns, our personal emails and phone numbers remain at your disposition for any questions.

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What is SEO ?

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Our Services

Thinking about increasing traffic to your website, or are you currently paying for advertising, but it isn’t delivering the revenue you’d hope for? Maybe you have promotional videos that no one watches?

Regardless your objective, or competition we provide proven results that meet your goals. Our team will do analysis, strategy and execute the effective online marketing campaign.

Google First Page

First page domination for most lucrative keywords is our primary goal.

No concerns

We are doing all of it ourselves, no 3rd party services doing campaign for us, no black hat techniques. Safe aproach done by internet marketing professionals.

Web Design

Are you not happy with how your site looks? Our services include the access to our ability to design mobile responsive and high converting websites, if needed.

Social Media

Increase your company online brand visibility and bring the power of social web to engage your customers.

Safe Net

More flexibility with month by month based contracts, because why would you stick around if somebody can’t deliver results?


Rank any promotional video in search engines.
Emil Pomorski – Founder

Need Birmingham Search Engine Optimization Agency?

It was the power of SEO that helped you to find this Birmingham agency page. Birmingham has more than quarter million people. One of the hardest keywords to rank for in the US is Birmingham SEO. Imagine how well I can do for your business, since I can rank this difficult keyword so high!

You will never find a better SEO company in AL than ours. In fact, we think of ourselves as much more than just a firm that practices online marketing. Instead, our agency specializes in search engine marketing.

We focus on SEO in Alabama, and we have helped hundreds of businesses here, to grow their online marketing revenue streams to achieve success, and we want to share that blueprint with you. We provide one of the best SEO services in Alabama, United States.

You can sign up for a free consultation that lasts up to an hour by simply filling out our Discovery Application. We can help you develop a plan to secure revenues for the future by securing the position of your website for many years with this single phone call. In fact, our company is one of only a few capable of giving a money back guarantee if we don’t deliver page one rankings on Google. You have absolutely nothing to lose. Discover how we can help your business reach new heights by calling us today. We are excited to have the chance to work with you.

Why Does SEO Matter?

A website ranking is dramatically affected by Google algorithm. In fact, your company is losing money every day when you are not visible on Google. You are letting your competition take over the field when you don’t optimize your website with search engine optimization. That is simply not a good business practice.

To gain a high rank on Yahoo!, Bing, Google, and other search engines, online marketing is required on websites. A website that is well optimized will add revenue to your business because your products and your content will become more popular. A good SEO Birmingham consultant who completely understands the process is required for optimization. Many solid benefits are delivered when you hire an agency to help expand your presence in internet marketing world.

You will save lots of time when you hire an expert in marketing. The internet algorithms used to rank websites by Google and other engines are difficult to understand. However, only your website’s content needs to be viewed by SEO expert. After seeing it, they can develop a tailor-made solution for you.

By doing in-depth research on the keywords that suit the content on your pages, these consultants can make the content on your website more harmonious. In fact, they also check out the competition’s keywords and take advantage of the keywords discovered there. Once this is completed, your website will stand head and shoulders above the competition and appeal to your target audience. Because you don’t have to spend the time doing this, you have time to focus on your business.

The consultations you receive once you hire our SEO services that you can trust is another benefit. You get better results when you work closely with the pros. For the specialist to fully understand your target audience as well as your business, those consultations need to be frequently done.

The keyword research can be performed once your optimization consultant visualizes the target audience you are seeking. Your site will see an increase in page traffic once it is fully optimized, and your business will gain more in the way of revenue and profits.

Your business is represented online by your website. Customers must be guided to that website by Google search results. If customers can’t find your website, it doesn’t matter if it is the best website on the Internet.

Is SEO in Alabama Cost Effective?

Search engine marketing in Alabama is pretty competitive, but you can gain a greater return on your investment when you hire search engine expert. Many companies waste their ad money on banner advertisements, hoping that someone will click on them. Using internet marketing, you are reaching the kind of audience that is searching actively for a business just like yours. You are not just hoping that someone stumbles across your ad. In just a short period of time, your website will rank for the keywords chosen because the right solution for optimization was selected by the top Birmingham SEO expert. Also, you can further monetize your website using the additional marketing information given to you by the expert. You will save money and time.

It is possible to have SEO’s work performed on a contract basis if you are on a tight budget. This means that portions of your website will be optimized at different times, instead of all at once. For many customers, this keeps the cost of website marketing affordable. You will stand out among the competition in the online market when your website is professionally optimized. The size of your business doesn’t make a difference.

How to find best Birmingham SEO agency?

Finding a professional in your niche can be done in many different ways. You may head online to review sites or message boards or get a referral from a friend or an associate. These are great ways to locate potentially viable options. However, you have to look deeper once you have found a few choices. Take time to see how well some of the websites are doing after the Alabama SEO agency has worked with them, and find out what level of experience the company has in the field. You will gain a better idea of how good your specialist truly is. Unfortunately, there are many people working in the field who are mere dabblers and who don’t have the required expertise. The fact is that your website can be harmed by these “seo experts”. Your site might receive penalties if they perform nonprofessional practices. The net result might be that the popular search engine will no longer list your website.

When your business hires a top company, there are many benefits. Let us help you boost your business by contacting us today.

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